About us

ME-Inspection SK is a medium-sized company with over 30 employees. It was founded in 2007. It specializes in the development, manufacturing, and implementation of measuring systems, inspection systems, and machine manufacturing, primarily for the rubber and automotive industries.

ME-Inspection SK provides its services to over 30 plants in 22 countries on 4 continents.

Every year since 2012, the customers of ME-Inspection SK have recognized its quality by giving it the highest supplier rating—”A” . Supplier ratings are a comprehensive indicator of product quality, timeliness of deliveries, installation speed, the quality and speed of servicing responses, trustworthiness, and anticipating customers’ needs—constantly improving existing products and developing new ones.

ME-Inspection SK places a strong emphasis on:

  • long-term and stable cooperation with customers,
  • long-term, honest, and fair cooperation with our employees, with social welfare playing a strong accessory role
  • supplier relationships that are based on respect and built to last.


ME-Inspection SK’s ownership structure


Company history:

  • 2007 Founding of ME-Inspection SK
  • 2008 Entry into the automotive industry
  • 2009 First shipment of a system to Asia
  • 2010 Installations in over 10 countries
  • 2012 ME-Inspection SK first recognized as an “A”-rated supplier
  • 2013 First shipment of a system to the Americas
  • 2014 First shipment of a system to Africa
  • 2015 ME-inspection SK moves into its own spaces
  • 2017 Completion of development for a product never before seen on the market—an inspection system for checking the completeness of printing.

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ME-Inspection SK

Drobného 25A
84101 Bratislava

+421 2 32 555 946

Me-Inspection SK
Drobného 25A
84101 Bratislava

+421 2 32 555 946